A Letter From Nancy

         Dear Boys and Girls,

Discovery and exploration is a very big part of our history and universe! I hope you enjoy Planet Pink's characters and their journey as much as I enjoyed creating them for you. I would like to thank NASA for their outstanding contribution to our world. They have been working very hard for over 50 years to best answer these questions. What is out there in space? How do we get there? What will we find? What can we learn? Just as Lolly, Molly, Zolly and Princess Zeeba discover and grow their HEART EARS by doing kind things for others, we can understand and see the

best in our world by

looking beyond. 


Dream Big!




About The Creator

  Nancy Hahn is an award winning TV Producer and Children's Book Author of 40 books. She creates Children's Books and multi-platform, multi-cultural Children's Media to Educate, Entertain and Inspire children. Nancy uses her professional BMI radio song writing skills in Pop, Classical, Broadway, Rock, Reggae music genres to compose an entertaining score and song track for each character and songs for each story making every book a delightful Children's Musical. Hahn began her early career as an elementary school teacher, professional dancer and choreographer and ballet teacher, soon after began writing and producing for Children's TV shows.

    Nancy Hahn built a Broadcast TV station being the first women in the United States to earn that distinction. For 25 years her TV Station was dedicated to variety entertainment with an emphasis on quality Children's Programming and Family Programming. Nancy was an International Broadband Media and Spectrum consultant for NextWave International.

    To date Nancy Hahn has created 40 original children's characters. THE ADVENTURES OF ESHE THE ETHIOPIAN ELEPHANT, FROGERCISE, MERRYJANE AND THE HOLIDAYS, MERRYJANE AND THE HOLIDAYS WORLD TOUR, PURPLE FROG and The Tale of The RAINFOREST FROG that GLOWS, NENE THE HAWAIIAN GOOSE, COLORINA, ESHE's WORLD, HELLO ZURI, ESHE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD, OPERATOONS, GEEK STREET FRIENDS, PURPLE FROG and FRIENDS, ESHE and The BUTTERFLY CASTLE, PLANET PINK, ELSHA and SPLASH DANCE  These books, cartoons and products showcase Hahn's vast creative scope, endearing colorful characters, charming prose, and multi-cultural focus. All Nancy Hahn's original animal characters are critically endangered species, engaging children in environmental awareness and conservation education. GreenPeace has aplauded NeNe's Travel Adventures and as great bio-diversity lesson for parents and children. Nancy has coined her content and products as EDU-Tainment. She has worked with retail outlets for over ten years and created over 100 products.

    ONE LOST BOY and THE STORY of NATEPI demonstrate Hahn's ability to touch the heart of young readers with true stories about inspirational topics. HELLO ZURI is about discovering true beauty through diversity. Hahn's books are sold in over 180 countries with over twenty million google hits.

"Every character I create and book I write, every song I compose, and dance I choreograph is filled with boundless love and joy!" -
- Nancy Hahn